Epson 5040UB Firmware Update Download - Windows, Mac

Epson 5040UB Firmware Update Download - Windows, Mac
Epson 5040UB Firmware Update Download - Windows, Mac

Epson 5040UB Firmware Update Download - Windows, Mac

Version: Firmware 1.09/1.04
Installation Method: USB (View PDF)
File Name: EPSONPJ_t5109_104.bin
File Size: 39.8MB

Supports Model:
  • Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 4040
  • Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5040UB
  • Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5040UBe
  • Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 6040UB

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Epson 5040UB Firmware Update Download - Windows, Mac and Review

Free download Epson 5040UB Firmware and software latest version for windows and Mac - Offering extraordinary color performance, the Residence Movie theater 5040UB provides immersive experiences. Featuring 4K Enhancement Technology1, this great house movie theater projector sustains 4K streaming gadgets and Ultra HD Blu-ray ™ web content. It's additionally compatible with High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, showing an extraordinary series of brightness levels with deep, remarkable blacks. Supplying 2,500 lumens of shade brightness and 2,500 lumens of white brightness2, the 5040UB is suitable for a selection of areas. Its large color range displays the entire sRGB and also DCI shade spaces3. A 1,000,000:1 dynamic comparison ratio makes certain rich detail in both brilliant and dark scenes, while its 16-piece glass lens achieves spectacular clearness.

Epson 5040UB Firmware - This page components measurements and pre-post calibration settings as well as results. On top of that there are numerous paragraphs of notes from Eric, our new ISF Qualified calibrator. This has actually been his first projector calibration for us, so normally we thought we would certainly provide him a difficulty: A projector with HDR as well as BT2020, P3, support, and so on. Challenging because adjusting as well as collaborating with HDR is new to primarily-- every person! As Eric describes, the makers-- both projector firms, and tool makers like Blu-ray UHD gamer maker Samsung, are all scrambling to get it right.

This calibration was done using a very early engineering sample of the 6040UB. Our team believe that complete production projectors-- which are delivering as of very early Sept 2016, will have boosted color tables. Consequently we prepare to revisit these projectors, bringing in a full production variation, so we can update our evaluation as well as provide revised setups as a result of modifications made. We will certainly update any kind of and all suggestions right here, as needed.
Although the 6040UB has faux K (pixel shifting), this is nothing brand-new in HT projectors, JVC has actually been doing this for a few years currently as well as Epson has actually had it in their LS1000 laser projector, which started delivering very early 2015.

A note about HDR (high dynamic range): HDR is a fast advancing innovation that is hurrying into the marketplace with every person playing a little bit of catch-up. As a calibrator for example there is hardly any in the method of examination patterns to really review just how well HDR is working. Each projector supplier has applied their very own HDR10 tone mapping and also gamut mapping algorithms so the requirement is a little a removaling target. I anticipate a great deal of firmware updates from makes as they themselves find out and improve their technique to HDR. The HT projector market has always had a little bit of illumination wars between manufactures now with HDR, (similar to 3D) light result is a lot more important.

My time with the very early design sample 6040UB was restricted but I did find a number of issues with it that I really hope are straightened out before Epson ships them to market. I sent most of my time in Movie theater & Bright Cinema settings.

We supplied our findings to the Epson item team, relating to a lot of these things, which need just minor corrections (i.e. changing the default HDR setting to HDR1, not the HDR2 made use of in this sample). Short variation: There does not appear to be anything on Eric's list below "that needs fix' n", that Epson cannot have actually updated prior to initial shipments. -art.

To begin with 1080p web content:.
  • In Movie theater setting with BT.709 material, the pre-production 6040UB just shows the bigger P3 (electronic cinema) color range whether you select Automobile, BT.709 or BT.2020. By decreasing the saturation levels (also near 0) I had the ability to calibrate the 100% saturation gamut to BT.709 but if you take a look at the after range chart you could see the 20, 40 & 80% saturation levels are way off (under filled). (note: no projector can display BT.2020 so they reduce to P3 which is still bit larger than BT.709).
  • In Intense Movie theater setting, BT.709 material was displayed properly, and was improved by calibration.
  • Grayscale bias controls were a little bit program making exact adjustments tough.
In Cinema Bright mode gamma was very intense. I establish my target to 2.10 which I assumed was reasonable for a bright mode. Just what you see in the gamma log graphes is the gamma set to -1, mosting likely to -2 just decreased gamma a little yet kept the severe optimal and also just obtaining a 1.83 standard gamma. I attempted the customized gamma controls yet found them extremely discouraging. I have the 5030UB and also the personalized gamma is just as aggravating, maybe I simply require some ideas from Epson on ways to utilize it. I was wanting to use Movie theater Bright for a "Day" setting and now I would just utilize it for sporting activities or news, any type of flick watching I think I may use Movie theater with lamp on high rather.

4K (UHD)/ HDR web content:.
  • When you feed the 6040UB 2160p/HDR and also under Signal tab in the food selection you have it readied to Vehicle, the projector switches to HDR Setting 2. Issue is there are 4 HDR modes and mode 1 seems to be the closest to the EOTF (Electro-optical Transfer Function) also known as gamma target, as you could see in the ETOF graphes.
  • The 6040UB enables you to select SDR despite the fact that it's being fed HDR. I would certainly assume you need to not be allowed to do this and should stay secured into a HDR mode while being fed an HDR signal much like what it does when fed 3D.

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